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Carolina Ribeiro, graduated in Biochemistry at University of Porto in 2018, is now taking the master´s degree in Biochemistry at the same university.
During her bachelor’s internship at the Food Polyphenol Lab, she studied the biological activity of anthocyanin extracts from different natural sources to evaluate their potential application in cosmetic products. She developed many skills in extraction and characterization of compounds from natural sources and in biological studies involving skin cell models.
Recently, and as part of her master thesis, she has been involved in projects dealing with the immobilization of anthocyanins on textile substrates in order to use them to prevent skin aging and improve skin health.

In 2017 she won the Incentive Award of University of Porto and in 2018 the Best Bachelor Degree Overall Classification Award and the Prof. Dr. João Cabral School Award of the FCUP. In 2019, she received the BPI/AEICBAS Award (it is given by the Portuguese Bank BPI and AEICBAS).
In her free time, she likes working with children and helping students improve their scholar results in the area of Chemistry, Biology and Math. She has an entrepreneurial capacity and vision.

Carolina Ribeiro

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