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Dina Neves obtained her Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2018, at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto.

During the course, she developed scientific research at the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy, exploring the bioactivity of elderberry polyphenols against neurodegenerative diseases. In 2019, she worked under IBERPHENOL project, establishing the chemical profile and neuroprotective effects of white crowberry and winery by-products as new therapies for Alzheimer’s-type II diabetes interlink. 

Her strong interest in anthocyanin issues guided her to FoodPolyphenolLab. Between January and August 2020, she was part of FoodSmarTag project, focus on the anthocyanin-based sensors for smart packaging solutions. In September 2020-February 2021, Dina was involved in Lacties project at Catholic University (CBQF), producing an innovative food product for small enterprises. 

Since March 2021, Dina is PhD student of Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Chemistry, LAQV-REQUIMTE. Her PhD FCT grant (2020.06523.BD) aims the development of films based on boronic acid-anthocyanin derivatives with intelligent and active response in food degradation.

Dina Neves

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