Dina Neves obtained her master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2018, at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto.


During the course, she developed scientific research work at the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy, exploring the bioactivity of elderberry anthocyanins to fight against mitochondrial dysfunction underlying neurodegenerative diseases. She developed strong skills in chemical characterization of natural extracts and radical scavenging and enzymatic assays, involving cellular and non-cellular systems. 

At 2019, she was accepted into a research grant under the project IBERPHENOL in the same lab, establishing the chemical profile and the neuroprotective effects of white crowberry; and evaluating the potential of winery by-products, namely PVPP-derived extracts as new therapies for Alzheimer’s-type II diabetes interlink. 

Her strong interest in anthocyanins issues guided her to FoodPolyphenolLab. Since January 2020, she is part of FoodSmarTag project, focus on the anthocyanin-based sensors for smart packaging solutions

Dina Neves

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