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Fuliang Han

Fuliang Han graduated in Pomology in 2002 at Henan Institute of Science and Technology (Henan Province, China) and obtained his PhD in Food Biotechnology in 2008 at China Agricultural University (Beijing, China).


He has been teaching at the Northwest A&F University since 2011 (Yangling, China) and is currently an Associate Professor at the college of Enology in Northwest A&F University, where he has been teaching Wine Tasting.


His field of research concerns polyphenol, essentially wine anthocyanins. He has been involved in several research projects funded by the Chinese Government, including National Natural Science Foundation of China.


One of his main areas of research deals with the Digestion, Absorption and Bioavailability of Anthocyanins detected in red wines. As a visiting scholar at University of Porto (Portugal), his research focus on the Digestion and Absorption of anthocyanins at cell models.

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