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Hiléia Souza

Dr Hiléia Souza (HS) got her BSc and Master degree in Chemistry in Brazil. In 2007 she presented her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Science, University of Porto (FCUP)-Portugal.
Immediately after obtaining the doctoral degree, she joined postdoctoral position in the Laboratory of Food-Engineering-and-Rheology-UP (FEUP-REQUIMTE). In close contact with other members of the team, she started applying soft matter concepts to food science. 

Later, she has different research positions at REQUIMTE associate laboratory and/or ICETA where she was actively involved in the fields of packaging food/green chemistry, food Quality and Safety and renewable energy. 

Actually, she is a researcher at REQUIMTE working in the QUINOA - foodphenol laboratory (foodphenolab) developing her skill and competences in the field of Ecoinnovation material for the food industry. 

The Dr HS research interest for the next years are fully integrated with societal challenges of 2030 agenda contributing to the search for greener processes as well as sustainable materials that can replace the conventionally used synthetic materials, the need to use safer and more efficient technologies, processes and products.

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