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Vânia Gomes

Vânia Gomes graduated in Chemistry (2012) at Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto (FCUP) and received the M.Sc. degree in Chemistry (2014) in the same institution.

From 2013 to 2017, she worked on a project for the synthesis of new surfactants derived from aminoacids as potential vectors for gene therapy during her master's thesis and, subsequently, through a research grant.


In 2017, Vânia became a member of the Food Polyphenol Lab group, where she started working on the project to synthesize flavylium derivatives for photosensitized solar cells through a research grant.


Since 2018, Vânia is a Ph.D. student in the Chemistry Doctoral Program (FCUP), where she has been dedicated to the synthesis and study of the chromatic properties of anthocyanin derivatives with potential application as pH sensors. Currently, her main scientific interests are organic synthesis, physicochemical properties of pigments, pH sensors, and food chemistry.

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