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Joana Azevedo

Joana graduated in (2007) and obtained a Master in Chemistry (2008) both by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP).

Began research work at the Food Chemistry Laboratory of REQUIMTE / LAQV- QUINOA under supervision of Doctor Nuno Mateus and Doctor Victor Freitas.


"The internship began in 2006 with the isolation and antioxidant characterization of anthocyanins and their derivatives, a work that I deepened in the master's degree and that was financed by IBeSa (Institute of Beverages and Health - belonging to Unicer®), having been distinguished with award by the same Institute. After completing the masters degree, several scholarships were created that allowed me to gain experience in the laboratory with several techniques including chromatographic separation and purification techniques (HPLC, semi-preparative HPLC, C18 columns and Toyopearl®) and identification (LC / MS, NMR) . This experience and total field of laboratorial work led to the beginning of a collaboration, as a scholarship, with Amorim & Irmãos in 2011 (Project Biocork) that remains to this day (Project CorkPlus) focusing on the work on the impact of the cork stopper to the wine, with special focus of the phenolic fraction that migrates from the cork to the alcoholic beverage.


Of these ten years of experience, 18 scientific articles were published in the area of Food Science, published in first quartile journals, of which 5 were the main author.

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