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Ricardo Dias

Ricardo Dias graduated in Biochemistry in 2013 and obtained its Biochemistry Master’s degree in 2015 at the University of Porto. In 2020, he got his PhD in Sustainable Chemistry (former Industrial Chemistry) - a joint degree hosted by three Portuguese Universities: University of Aveiro, NOVA University of Lisbon, and University of Porto.

His field of research concerns molecular nutrition and food science, with particular interest in understanding the chemical and biochemical pathways behind the dietary polyphenol’s roles on Celiac Disease.

By taking advantage of the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protein-binding properties of polyphenols to downregulate both innate and adaptive immune responses to gluten proteins and peptides, Ricardo Dias aims to open up new horizons concerning the rational development, applicability and valorization of polyphenol-rich foods and industrial by-products as promising nutritional complements to a gluten-free diet.


Over the past several years, he has been collaborating with several national and international institutes including the immunobiology units of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (Porto, Portugal) and the Institute of Food Sciences - a European Laboratory for Food Induced Diseases - (Avellino, Italy).

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