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Ana Fernandes

Ana Fernandes graduated in Chemistry in 2005, obtained her master in Technology, Science and Food Safety in 2007 and her PhD in Chemistry in 2014 both at the University of Porto (Portugal). She has been involved in several research projects funded essentially by the Portuguese Government at the University and she is currently a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Faculty of Science at the University of Porto. Her field of research concerns food chemistry, essentially food polyphenols. One of her main areas of research deals with the extraction and purification of anthocyanins from Food-Industry byproducts as well as anthocyanins interaction with cell wall polysaccharides and their putative applications as colorants in the Food Industry. More recently, she has been involved in a technological project dealing with the color stabilisation of fruit juices anthocyanins. She is experiented in structural characterization, particularly by NMR and MS. Ana Fernandes is co-author of 17 papers in international scientific journals. Ana Fernandes is also co-author of 14 works presented in national and international scientific meetings (as posters) and three oral presentations.

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