Ana Reis is graduated in Analytical Chemistry (UA), with Master in Food Chemistry (UA) and PhD in Biochemistry (UA) providing the opportunity to work with phospholipids, proteins, carbohydrates and receive training in Mass Spectrometry in a broad range of analyzers (MALDI-TOF, ESI-QToF, ESI-LIT).

Bridging the expertise in phospholipids and proteins, she put together the ATHERO_MASS project (Marie Curie Fellowship, 2010-2012) to develop MS-based methods for the identification of phospholipid-ApoB- 100 protein adducts in LDL from cardiovascular patients (Strathclyde Univ. and Aston Univ., UK) complementing her training in Mass Spectrometry (ESI-Orbitrap and ESI-QTrap). In 2012, she received the Hermann Esterbauer Award for career achievements in the field of lipid peroxidation.

For the last 15 years, her work on the analysis of biomolecules in model membranes and in biofluids by MS-based approaches has shaped her research interests. Currently, Ana´s work involves polyphenol-lipid interactions in model epithelial cell membranes with relevance towards astringency perception and

metabolite absorption. In parallel, she’s also involved in translating basic lipid research to innovative solutions suitable for clinical environment in health and disease with particular focus on deciphering molecular details of atherogenic LDL in cardiovascular diseases.

Relevant publications (5):

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5. Structural motifs in primary oxidation products of palmitoyl-arachidonoyl-phosphatidylcholines by LC-MS/MS. J Mass Spectrom. (2013) 48(11):1207-16.

Ana Reis