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Ana Rita Pereira got her bachelor in Chemistry at University of Porto in 2016 and her master degree in Clinical and Analytical Forensic Toxicology in 2018.

Ana Rita Pereira has previously worked in the applied chemistry department of Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto where she got skills in Potenciometry and High-Efficiency Liquid Chromatography.

She recently became a member of LAQV-REQUIMTE with a mater fellow in Food Polyphenol Lab group, and since then she has been working in the field of food chemistry regarding the extraction, purification of natural compounds (anthocyanins) and synthesis of pyranoflavilium derivatives for applications in cosmetics and skin therapeutics

At the moment, Ana Rita Pereira is a PhD student in the Sustainable Chemistry Doctoral Programme of LAQV-REQUIMTE and has a FCT PhD grant attributed in 2019.

Ana Rita Pereira

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