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Lisete Silva

Lisete is a Researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Faculty of Sciences University of Porto (FCUP), Portugal, since 09/2023. She is also an Honorary Research Associate in the Glycosciences Laboratory at Imperial College London (ICL), since 2019. Lisete obtained her BSc degree in Chemistry in 2007 at FCUP, and completed her MSc in Chemistry with food specialisation in 2008, at the same University. Her PhD degree in Biochemistry was obtained in 2014 at University of Aveiro (UA), in collaboration with the GlycoLab: Functional Glycobiology at FCT-NOVA (Lisbon, Portugal) and the Glycosciences Laboratory. 

PhD IN BIOCHEMISTRY: Lisete focused on the structural analyses of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from clinical isolates of H. pylori by GC-MS and ESI-MSn, and on the development of a bacterial LPS microarray for interaction studies with glycan-binding proteins and human sera. 

POST-DOCTORAL STUDIES IN GLYCOBIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY: Her knowledge on the structural (bio)chemistry of complex carbohydrates, combined with her passion for the glycobiology field and expertise on glycan microarrays, have led her to a Research Associate position in the pioneer glycan microarray team (Glycosciences Lab.) at ICL, in 03/2015; and in 11/2015, she was named Deputy Microarray Project Leader and had a leading role in the Facility management. In parallel, Lisete carried out investigations of different liposomal formulations for lipid-linked glycan probes in neoglycolipid (NGL)-based microarrays with respect to the binding signals they elicit in microarray analyses. These studies led to the construction of a new version of a broad-spectrum microarray of ~ 900 natural or synthetic lipid-linked sequence-defined glycan probes (one of the two largest glycan libraries in the world) for the Wellcome-Trust supported Carbohydrate Microarray Facility, suitable for screening analyses of a variety of carbohydrate recognition systems of biological and medical impact and able to serve the scientific community as international resources. During 2015-2019, Lisete actively contributed and provided leadership support to biotechnology and biomedicine R&D projects (translational research); collaborated with 50+ national and international academic and industrial teams that have resulted in > £30k of revenue for facility services. As an Honorary Research Associate in the Glycosciences Laboratory, Lisete is currently providing consultancy advice to the group regarding microarray equipment and training to the new staff members, assisting with microarray experiments, data analysis and preparation of manuscripts. Back to UA (2019-2022), Lisete focused on the development of galactomannan-based microparticles, obtained from different natural sources, for pulmonary drug delivery. The structural variability of the different galactomannans was evaluated using conventional analytical tools and complemented with interaction studies with glycan-binding proteins of various recognition systems using glycan microarrays. Currently, at FCUP, Lisete is a team member of the research project “InsectERA - The ERA of the insect industry”. This Mobilizing Agenda for Business Innovation, framed in the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) aims to enable the industrialization and commercialization of innovative products based on insects, both in the food area (animal and human food), as well as in other industries (cosmetics or bioplastics) or in the innovative sector of bioremediation. Aiming to use insects as a healthy and sustainable alternative nutritional source in new product lines for human consumption, Lisete is focused on the extraction and characterization of the protein profile from different insect-derived flours, and on the evaluation of the insect protein digestibility, their potential allergenicity and immunogenicity.

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