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My academic training was done at University of Minho, where I graduated and obtain my integrated master degree in Biological Engineer specialization in Chemical and Food Technology. For my masters thesis I had the opportunity to integrate the Cell Biology of Bacterial Infections research group at i3S and work in a project focused on host-pathogen interactions. This work aims to investigate cell biology processes and signaling pathways involved in pathogen-induced host cytoskeleton remodeling, particularly the role of Vav3 in the repair of toxin-induced plasma membrane damaged. I am a dedicated, hardworking, and proactive Biological Engineer with a strong background in project, quality and process and safety improvements. I have excellent communication skills acquired in various activities that I did during the course, such as biological engineering journeys, an engineering week, university sports and other academic actions that I participated over the last 5 years.

Recently Ana Catarina Ribeiro integrated the CleanLabel project at LAQV-REQUIMTE as a research fellow.

Ana Catarina Ribeiro

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