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Tiago Alves completed his first degree in Chemistry in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto in 2021, where has developed the project “Using polyphenol compounds for the production of active packaging” at REQUIMTE/LAQV. This work led to a scientific publication in the Journal of Cleaner Production with the title “Sustainable chitosan packaging films: Green tea polyphenolic extraction strategies using deep eutectic solvents”.

In 2023 concluded his master's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, where has developed the project “Development of Pharmaceutical Formulations Containing Green Tea Catechins Extracted with Natural Ionic Liquids”, a partnership between the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Science of the University of Porto and University of Minho.

Aside from these projects for the conclusion of degrees, in 2019 integrated an extracurricular internship project in inorganic chemistry with the title “Carbon nanomaterials and 2D composites as new pla[orms for energy conversion and storage technologies”. With these projects, he participated in national and internaDonal scientific meetings with oral and panel communications. Currently integrates the project “Revive - 2022.01243.PTDC - Os fios do passado tecem o futuro: As cores da Real Fábrica de Panos da Covilhã, de 1764-1850” as a research fellowship.

Tiago Alves

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