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Francisco Fernandes

Francisco Manuel Santos Duarte Fernandes completed his Master’s degree in Biochemistry in the University of Porto in 2022, completing his thesis titled " Molecular interaction between polyphenols and an allergen of animal origin: digestion and immune response to egg proteins " at the Food Polyphenol Lab of LAQV REQUIMTE, supervised by Susana Soares and Rosa Pérez Gregorio. During his work, he mainly focused on studying the interactions between tea and blueberry polyphenols on known allergens, their effects on digestion and absorption as well as changes in the inflammatory response. After the conclusion of his Master’s Degree, Francisco was awarded a research fellowship under the cLabel+ project (POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046080), with the aim of to develop products with natural ingredients and limited additives that are capable of meeting consumers expectations regarding safety, quality and nutritional value; during this time, he mainly focused on the effects of different processing conditions on the nutritional value of distinct peach products. Francisco has experience in several procedures related to the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, such as cell culture and treatment, preparation of polyphenol and protein extracts, identification and quantification of phenolic compounds via HPLC and mass spectrometry and SDS-Gel Electrophoresis

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