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Hélder Oliveira

Hélder Oliveira got his PhD in Chemistry with a thesis entitled "The biochemistry behind anthocyanins bioavailability" at University of Porto in 2018 and graduated in Biochemistry in 2012 and obtained his Master in Biochemistry in 2014 both at the same institution.


His field of research concerned food chemistry and biochemistry, essentially food polyphenols and the real absorption of these compounds at different cellular barriers, their metabolization and their effect as tumour growth modulators. He performed an internship at Wuhan Polytechnic University, China for 5 months during the start of the PhD.

He was involved in the WINPUT and ANTHO4SKIN projects, both dealing with the use of anthocyanins and derivatives in skin therapeutics and cosmetics.

Hélder is an invited professor at Escola Superior de Saúde-IPP since 2018 where is involved in teaching of biochemistry, cellular therapies and biological chemistry. He was an invited professor for food chemistry  at University of Porto in 2019-2021.

He is the Science Manager of LAQV-REQUIMTE since 2021.

Hélder has a set of interests that goes further from the scientific field.

He was the president of the Portuguese Biochemical Students Association (APEBQ) from 2014 to 2018. He is member of the board management of ANBIOQ. Has an instructor degree in Japanase Martials Arts. Practices Surf.

​Hélder got level I (20 out of 20) and level II (19 out of 20) of Chinese Language at University of Porto and HSK 1/2 (20 out of 20) at Confucius Institute.

Has knowledge in several other areas such as computer science, entrepreneurship, music art, video and photo editing. He is the web manager of foodphenolab website and groupe polyphenols website.

Most Relevant publications:

Oliveira, Hélder; Perez-Gregório, Rosa; de Freitas, Victor; Mateus, Nuno; Fernandes, Iva. 2019. "Comparison of the in vitro gastrointestinal bioavailability of acylated and non-acylated anthocyanins: Purple-fleshed sweet potato vs red wine". Food Chemistry 276: 410-418.

Oliveira, Hélder; Roma-Rodrigues, Catarina; Santos, Ana; Veigas, Bruno; Brás, Natércia; Faria, Ana; Calhau, Conceição; et al. 2019. "GLUT1 and GLUT3 involvement in anthocyanin gastric transport- Nanobased targeted approach". Scientific Reports 9 (1).


Oliveira, Hélder; Fernandes, Iva; Brás, Natércia F.; Faria, Ana; De Freitas, Victor; Calhau, Conceição; Mateus, Nuno. 2015. "Experimental and Theoretical Data on the Mechanism by Which Red Wine Anthocyanins Are Transported through a Human MKN-28 Gastric Cell Model". Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 63 (35): 7685-7692.

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