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Joana Oliveira (JO) is graduated in Biochemistry (2003), has a Master (2005) and PhD degree (2009) in Chemistry obtained in the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. She is now a Research Associate at REQUIMTE in the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. JO has dedicated most of her research to characterize new anthocyanin-derived compounds displaying colours ranging from orange, red, violet to turquoise blue, found in different natural sources (red fruits and their derivatives such as wines). 

JO collaborated with different highly respected international scientific groups. Those collaborations include Dr. C. Santos-Buelga from Salamanca University, Spain, Dr. Giovanni Agati from the Institute of Applied Physics, CNR Florence, Italy, Dr. Jingren He from Wuhan Polytechnic University, China, Dr. Erika Salas from the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (Mexico) and Dr. Panagiotis Arapitsas from the Fondazione Edmund Mach (Italy). JO also collaborated with two important national scientific groups: QOPNA from Aveiro University (Prof. Artur Silva) and the Photochemistry group from FCT-UNL (Prof. Fernando Pina). JO also collaborates with food Industries, namely Frulact (food additives) and wine companies such as Sogevinus, Symington Family Estates and Gran Cruz.

JO has now a research project as a Principal Investigator in collaboration with Aveiro University (Prof. Artur Silva) and FCT-UNL (Prof. Fernando Pina and Doctor Nuno Basílio) but she also participated as team member in 9 funded projects. JO was also the co-PI of 3 research projects, one of them (QREN/I&DT Enterprises PI/24939/2012) in collaboration with a wine company. 

Joana Oliveira

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