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Nuno Mateus graduated in Biochemistry in 1997 and obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 2002 both at the University of Porto (Portugal). He has been teaching at the University since 2002 and is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Faculty of Science at the University of Porto, where he has been teaching Food Chemistry and Industrial Biochemistry (amongst other courses). His field of research concerns food chemistry and biochemistry, essentially food polyphenols and in particular red wine chemistry. He has been collaborating with local industrial companies (especially Port wine companies) and has been involved in several research projects funded essentially by the Portuguese Government. 

Presently, one of his main areas of research deals with the bioavailability and biological properties of food phenolics towards some cancers and age-related diseases. More recently, he started a new research line focused on the recycling of polyphenols from industrial wastes to use them in novel cosmetic formulations.

Nuno Mateus

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